Transportation is a crucial component of any educational institution, providing students and faculty members with a convenient means of getting to campus and enhancing the overall learning experience. JKKN Educational Institutions recognize the significance of transportation and have made significant efforts to improve their transport facilities. Below are some of the exceptional features of the transport service at JKKN Educational Institutions.

Well-Maintained Fleet:

The transport service at JKKN Educational Institutions boasts a well-maintained fleet of buses that undergo regular servicing and cleaning to ensure passenger safety and comfort. The buses come equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, comfortable seating, and GPS tracking systems.

Highly Trained Drivers:

The bus drivers at JKKN Educational Institutions are highly trained and experienced individuals who possess a good understanding of the local routes and traffic conditions. Their proficiency enables them to offer safe and efficient transportation services. Additionally, they receive regular training sessions to upgrade their skills.

Affordable Charges:

JKKN Educational Institutions provide transportation services to all students and faculty members at reasonable charges. The fees are calculated based on the distance between the student’s residence and the campus, ensuring that the transportation cost is affordable for everyone.

Safe and Secure:

The safety and security of passengers are paramount at JKKN Educational Institutions. To ensure this, CCTV cameras are installed in the buses, and female attendants are available to assist female passengers. The transportation service operates under a strict set of guidelines to ensure that the passengers are always secure.

Timely Services:

The transport service at JKKN Educational Institutions operates on a strict schedule, ensuring that the buses arrive and depart from the campus promptly. This allows students and faculty members to plan their day accordingly, without worrying about delays or missed buses.


The transport service at JKKN Educational Institutions is available to all students, regardless of their physical abilities. The buses come equipped with wheelchair ramps and other accessibility features to facilitate easy movement for students with disabilities.

In summary, JKKN Educational Institutions’ transportation service provides safe, reliable, and affordable transportation to all its students and faculty members. The institution has taken significant strides to ensure that the transportation service is accessible, secure, and comfortable for everyone.