Nestled within the vibrant JKKN campus, our Girls Hostel offers an inviting and secure environment that is meticulously designed to support the unique needs of our female students. Equipped with modern amenities, the hostel serves as a sanctuary where academic dreams and personal well-being flourish in harmony.

Location and Facilities:

On-Campus Convenience: Located within the JKKN campus, the hostel ensures that students have immediate access to educational and recreational facilities.
Choice and Comfort: Rooms come with essential furnishings—comfortable beds, study tables, and ample storage. Air-conditioned rooms are available upon request.
Self-Contained Living: Each room boasts an attached bathroom, providing a personal space that respects privacy.

Academic and Personal Support:

Round-the-Clock Utilities: Continuous electricity and water supply mean you’re never left without essential services.
Internet Connectivity: Robust high-speed internet aids in uninterrupted research and study, aligning with our mission of academic excellence.

Security and Wellness:

Impenetrable Security: The hostel features 24/7 security, CCTV surveillance, and access control systems. A strict no-visitor policy is enforced for added safety.

Holistic Wellness: 12345

Committed to promoting a balanced lifestyle, we offer a well-equipped gymnasium, yoga room, and sports complex within the hostel premises.
Step into our Girls Hostel and become part of a growing community of empowered female students who embody JKKN’s values of academic rigor, personal growth, and mutual respect.